WordPress design for Catalytic converter recycling website

Website design is something that has a lot to do with people’s opinion and taste. What they prefer for their customers. We recently helped www.ConverterGuy.com –  with their WordPress web design and here are some of the things that we did.

Tim wanted a design that was simple but would get his message to his clients. So we put his site together with that in mind. He wanted a contact form so people can send him pictures of their converters so he could quote them a price and we used Gravity forms for that. Gravity forms is very helpful because they have a built in functionality of early adding pictures to forms or file upload. That is what made the forms perfect with them.

It was a pretty simple design with a home, contact, catalytic converter recycling page, and a get a quote page. We did exactly what he wanted and he loved the result. I think a big part of web design is meeting the goals of the client. What do they envision and what is practical for their business.

This website has been very practical to his business with the main goal of getting people to request a quote and to let them know about his catalytic converter recycling services. So website design should be based on the needs of the client by business industry.

If you have any questions about this design and what you think you would do to make it better please let us know.