Remove Malware From WordPress Quickly

Recent news reported that an established WordPress malware removal company got hacked. This report is such bad news for their customers. Unfortunately, website owners trusted this company and they could not protect their site from hackers. Being bigger with an international name is not aways better. Website sites are susceptible to hacker attacks when owners do no update periodically.

It is relatively easy to hack sites by guessing your password. Using admin as the username makes it easy for hackers. There are software programs that are successful in hacking into the sites. Over one hundred thousand websites are hacked each month. Our service will provide immediate assistance to correct malware issues and have your site back online quickly.

No longer are these cyber criminals hacking websites for fun. They do it to make money. They can hide programs into the code of a website to receive information such as banking information, passwords and other personal data that can be sold. This lucrative industry operates all over the world.

Our experienced technicians will repair your infected site for a one-time affordable fee. We are on standby to ensure your malware does not spread and cause further damage.