Can My Hacked Website Cause My Search Engine Rankings to Drop?

After sitting down with the CEO of Website Malware Removal, I learned the importance of the search engine traffic and received a short course about Google’s algorithmic penalty. This is when your website is penalized by Google for malware infestation, possibly affecting search engine rankings and (SERPs). Before we go any further, let’s define (SERPs). Search Engine Results Pages are the list of results you get when you type in a search term or keyword in Google. The listings may leave your site out of the search engine or lower down the list if you have malware or malicious content spam hidden in your website code. In extreme cases, you will not be indexed in the search engines. In those cases where you have an e-commerce site, there goes your revenue source down the tubes. If the indexing is not fixed, your reputation may be ruined when customers cannot find your site to place orders or contact you or your staff.

Google has designed these types of algorithmic penalties to force owners of websites to remove low quality and spam content from their site. The penalty may result in your site not being indexed by Google. Google has spiders roaming around the internet searching for inconsistencies. There is a good probability that your website will be pushed down in the search engines index if the malware is not fixed in a reasonable amount of time. If malicious code or malware is not fixed, your website will be blacklisted. This is a common problem deals with on a daily basis. Check out this website for the numerous positive testimonials regarding their malware removal service.

On another note, we have another issue to contend with, and that is your hosting company. Hosting companies can and will shut your website down very quickly once they find that any websites on your account have malware. Please remember that this is for your protection because a malware infection can jump from one website to another on the hosting account. If you share ten domains on the same hosting account, the malware can infect all of the domains.  A secure website will ensure that you and your customer’s information will not fall into the wrong hands. Identity theft can destroy your reputation.

Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

There is no doubt that WordPress is the prominent CMS platform available for users for web design. Its user-friendly interface was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, two American online social media entrepreneurs and web developers. Since it was released eleven years ago, it has become the preferred choice for designers as an easy to learn web design. At this time, WordPress powers over twenty-seven percent of the internet.

However, WordPress does have some security flaws, and cyber criminals use these to their advantage. For example, hackers use brute force attacks to enter a website. A lockdown feature will prevent brute force attacks. The iThemes Security plugin will solve this problem. You can determine the number of failed login attempts, then the attacker’s IP is banned.

A secure username and password are critical to deter hackers. Most people use obvious usernames that are easy to guess, but a more secure option is an email ID to offer more security. Passwords should include numbers, letters (upper & lowercase), and symbols. The password generator is a great resource for a secure password.

Monitoring the users of your website is important if you decide to allow others to have access to your site. Themes and plugins are also critical components of any WordPress website and should be updated on a regular basis to prevent hackers from entering your site. To add an extra level of security install Wordfence plugin to notify you of attempts to hack your website.

If you follow these general guidelines, your website will have an additional level of security. However, if your website does get hacked, contact the premier website malware removal company to clean your site and have it back online quickly and efficiently for a one-time affordable fee.

Remove Malware From WordPress Quickly

Recent news reported that an established WordPress malware removal company got hacked. This report is such bad news for their customers. Unfortunately, website owners trusted this company and they could not protect their site from hackers. Being bigger with an international name is not aways better. Website sites are susceptible to hacker attacks when owners do no update periodically.

It is relatively easy to hack sites by guessing your password. Using admin as the username makes it easy for hackers. There are software programs that are successful in hacking into the sites. Over one hundred thousand websites are hacked each month. Our service will provide immediate assistance to correct malware issues and have your site back online quickly.

No longer are these cyber criminals hacking websites for fun. They do it to make money. They can hide programs into the code of a website to receive information such as banking information, passwords and other personal data that can be sold. This lucrative industry operates all over the world.

Our experienced technicians will repair your infected site for a one-time affordable fee. We are on standby to ensure your malware does not spread and cause further damage.